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Newspaper Insertion

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通 过报张派送传达到各家各户

We are a leading newspaper insertion & flyer distributor company. Newspaper Insertion is a highly successful & speedy growing advertising & marketing methods nowadays in all major towns and cities, such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Georgetown, Kuantan, Johor Baru, Seremban, etc...

What is Newspaper Insertion or Loose Inserts?

Newspaper Insertion
is an advertising marketing method directing your message to the targeted readers.

By newspaper inserts method, you can choose to insert flyers, leaflets, brochures or even booklets into your selected daily newspapers.

Through this loose inserts flyers method into newspaper, your advertisement will certainly be delivered directly into the homes of your potential & targetted customers, including those in gated & guarded communities such as condos & high-end landed properties.

With newspaper insert or loose insert method, you have the most cost effective direct marketing advertisement, by taking the advantage of the newspaper circulation to generate immediate sales for your products & services. This advertising & marketing method also help to generate a branding function for  your company & its product or services to the general public.

Together with our wide flyer distribution & newspaperinsertion network, we could help you to reach your customers in a very QUICK and EASY MEANS, which is MORE EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT!!

Why choosing Newspaper Inserts Service?

Compared to direct mailing marketing methods, or even radio and television commercials, newspaper inserts can direct flyers and leaflets into thousand of homes & reaching thousands of readers at a much lower advertising cost.

In other words, inserting flyers in newspaper by selecting and targeting your clients by zip code and demographic selection will provide a very cost effective advertising method.

Newspaper insert has the ability to reach targeted markets - broad-based or niche - more effectively than ever in every sense.

Why Newspaper Insertion Works?

Full colour printed flyers and brochures is a time-tested and proven marketing method that can generate immediate sales as well as branding. They create a better attention span with customers than random flyers in a letterbox.

If your targeted potential customers are interested in your products or services, they will take immediate action by contacting you or keeping your flyers for future references. They might even pass your flyers to others whom they know who are interested in your products or services.

Tips for Newspaper Insertion

Here are a few poniters to keep in mind when you think of inserting flyers into any newspaper.

Make sure that you have taken into consideration when designing a newspaper inserting flyer for your advertisement by answering "YES" to all of the following questions:

tick Do you have attractive graphics and an overall high quality flyer?
tick Do you have a "call to action" such as a sale, promotion, or special event?
tick Have you included (easy to find) contact information?
tick Does your flyer stand out from the competition?
tick Do you have a professional designer to create or review your flyer?
tick Do you have a way to track results such as phone line?

How is Newspaper Insertion done?
Newspaper Inserts Process Hotpaper
We are sending out your promotional flyers withing the newspaper, where the delivery is effected according to readership demographics. Readers are more likely to read through your flyers because full color newspaper inserts or loose inserts offer eye-catching options and slick graphics.

What type of Newspaper available for Newspaper Insertions?
Chinese Newspaper-   China Press, Sin Chew, Guang Ming, NanYang
English Newspaper -   The Star, New Strait Times (NST)
Malay Newspaper -      Utusan Melayu, Berita Harina, Metro
Tamil Newspaper -      Nesan, Nanban

 Nanyang Siang PauSin Chew Daily   Newspaper InsertionGuang Mind Daily
   Utusan   Berita Harian 

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 Nanyang Siang PauSin Chew Daily   Newspaper InsertionGuang Mind Daily
   Utusan   Berita Harian 

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